Conduit for Commerce

Conduit for Commerce, Inc was established to research and promote economic freedoms for Arkansas small business as well as individuals. In this context, it is our position that the two are ultimately the same, linking the prosperity of the individual to the success of small business in Arkansas.

Foundational Principals upon which Good Government Policies are built:

  • Smaller Constitutionally Consistent Government
  • Reducing Citizen Dependency on Government
  • Growing the Job Base for Existing Arkansans

Tools/Focus for Action (emphasis on smaller business rather than large companies):

  • Lower Taxes
  • Reduce Government Regulations
  • Pass Pro-Business Legislation (e.g. Tort Reform)
  • Focus Primary/Secondary Education to support a skilled work force
  • Otherwise de-incentivize government dependency

How We Educate the Arkansas Public and its Leadership regarding good Policies:

  • Interactive Website Education
  • Use of Like-minded National and Arkansas Foundations/Institutions
  • Distribution of Written Publications (Hardcopies)
  • Forums for: a)Public b)Government Leaders
  • Workshop Participation with other unrelated Groups
  • Use of Voting Score Cards from: a)Elected Officials b)Voting Public

Whose Help We Aggressively Recruit

  • Small Business Owners
  • Arkansans Previously Excluded From Debate